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Our ability to identify and connect business relationships is powered by the world's largest commercial database with 330M+ business records, data collected from over 30,000 global data sources and updated 5 million times per day:  

  • D&B Credit scores and Ratings 
  • Over 1B trade experiences and 3M corporate family trees 
  • Banking data, firmographics & business registrations 

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The DUNSRight™ Quality Process: The Power Behind Quality Information

The D&B Risk Predictor Score makes risks visible, allowing you to reduce bad debt and identify profitable opportunities.

A quick assessment of a company's financial strength and creditworthiness.

Knowing your customer´s payment behavior and trends.

An exclusive D&B membership platform providing access to payment information across countries and industries.

The world's largest commercial database creates a dynamic picture of today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

The world's leading Master Data and DaaS solutions that strategically positions your businesses for the next generation.

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Our data informs our analytics, and our analytics inform our data. How does D&B turn data into business?