The D&B DUNSRight™ Process: The Power Behind Quality Information


Buried deep within the redundant, disparate and all-around mass data residing in your databases lies hidden relationships that are vital to your success. Dun & Bradstreet’s DUNSRight™ process helps you make sense of it by identifying the commercial entities you are doing business with. 

The journey to maximizing the potential of your relationship data follows four crucial steps, namely Collection, Organize, Enrich, as well as Integrate:


1. Collect

Leveraging data capabilities from the world's largest commercial database, Dun & Bradstreet gathers information from our global entity records that can help inform meaningful business decisions. 

  •  330M+ business records 
  •  From over 200 countries, updated 5 million times a day
  •  Comprehensive and up-to-date contact information

2. Organize

Organizing data has several steps that are core to enabling an understanding of your business relationships. 

The ability to identify the appropriate business entities and associate them across their extended legal relationships provides a single, trusted view that can inform your sales coverage, pricing and negotiated terms, product offerings and more. 

This step in the process involves identity resolution and linkage to help ensure the data is accurate. For example, Dun & Bradstreet employs its proprietary D-U-N-S Number® to accurately identify the right business entity and continually understand even the slightest changes to the enterprise that may impact a businesses’ bottom-line in the future.

3. Enrich

Enriching your data with third-party content provides additional insights that enhance the view of potential business relationships across multiple entities across the globe. This process involves connecting corporate hierarchies so you have a deeper view of activities across the family tree. Once entities are linked, the data is augmented with content from over 30,000 trusted and verified sources to better understand the business environment and guide your decisions.

4. Integrate

Leveraging the depth and breadth of our data, we bring it together with your information to create a trusted master that is sustainable and repeatable.

Going through this journey, you will be able to reach your goal by discovering data insights, which are what transform data into dollars. 

This process may seem simple on the surface, but it’s a complex and arduous task that relies on decades of rich insights and deep experience understanding the evolving nature of commercial data. But you do not have to worry about the specifics; we do the work and you see the results. 

It’s with this comprehensive and trusted view of your customer data that will empower you to be confident in your business decisions.

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