Why Master Data? 

Master Data is the most important data you have. It’s the information about your customers, suppliers, partners, and prospects. It is fundamental to understanding your business entities and commercial transactions — and gives you a clear view of the building blocks of your relationships. Dun & Bradstreet helps you master your data by providing the foundational elements (entity management, hierarchies and linkage) aligned to meet your business objectives.

Everything we touch today turns to Data

You are leveraging data in new ways across your enterprise, from finance, marketing, technology and sales. You're looking to use data and technology at scale and to engage with customers, vendors and partners to gain competitive advantage. But with the overwhelming volume and velocity of data, what should be creating great insights is creating chaos. At Dun & Bradstreet, we help you find the truth across all your data silos. 

According to the results of our leading IT Analyst Study of D&B vs non-D&B Customers, master data creates significant value across the enterprise:


Let us help you Master your Data

We have the organizational data structure to connect your disparate sources, the deep data and global coverage you expect, and the dependable quality and consistency you require for your master data content. With D&B Master Data, you have the ability to connect and integrate through multiple systems or workflows, enterprise partners across your ecosystem, and a growing network of software alliances and syndicated data sources.


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