Where did you get payment information you hold on my business?


We try to collect from as many different sources of business information as possible. One of these is payment history from company sales ledgers. Such information is collected from businesses that agree to share their payment information with us. This constitutes the D&B DunTrade Program and includes large and small invoices that can be positive and negative. We ask businesses to exclude any invoices or accounts that are in dispute. This data is used to calculate elements of our credit determinations.


How do I find out who is providing D&B with payment information on my business?


Confidentiality agreements between D&B and the trade partners, members of the D&B DunTrade Program, preclude us from providing you with such details. The onus is on our trade partners to inform their customers that they pass on payment data to a third party – in this case, Dun & Bradstreet. This is usually stated in their Terms and Conditions.

The payment information you have collected on my business is very small in the context of my turnover. How can this be a fair reflection?


The payment history we hold provides an independent sample of how a business is paying its suppliers. It is unlikely to include a complete payment history, but analysis has proven that even a small amount of payment history could improve the accuracy of our credit scores. This analysis applies to companies with either small or large turnovers. 

Because of the diversity of the suppliers of this data, and its unbiased nature, we are confident that even a small sample is indicative of a company’s payment behavior.


How do you know if the payment data you have collected on my business is correct?


We are committed to making sure the data we hold is correct. We take our data through the DUNSRight™ process, during which we collect, aggregate, edit and verify data from thousands of sources every day. Only then are we happy for our customers to use it to make sound decisions for their businesses. 

The foundation to DUNSRight™ is quality assurance, entailing many more than 2,000 automated and manual checks to ensure the data meets our high standards.


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