A clear line of sight into your third-parties

Using a systematic approach to third-party due diligence to minimize risk while protecting your brand, Dun & Bradstreet provides the 360-degree insights you need into third-party business partners as well as screening to enable your organization to minimize risk from sanctioned, suspect or corrupt third-party business partners and protect your reputation.


Protect your brand with thorough, reliable third-party identification and screening

Leverage the world’s largest commercial database for unrivaled entity data and best-in-class screening for complete compliance peace of mind. Dun & Bradstreet utilizes more than 330 million records that are updated more than 5 million times a day to accelerate the identification of companies and individuals, validate shareholders, and establish beneficial ownership identification. You benefit from screening across sanctions/watch lists, PEP identification, adverse media, litigation and open-source research.

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Global Linkage Data and Beneficial Ownership

Uncovering Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) can be challenging without consistent, fast, accurate, and global data. D&B Beneficial Ownership delivers the linkage data needed for insights into corporate entities and individuals so you can build transparency and reduce your regulatory burden.

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