Analytics for Every Stage of your Customer Journey

Maximizing the ROI of your marketing investments starts with unlocking the full potential of your data. The real value lies in the truth and meaning rooted in the information. Dun & Bradstreet makes sense of your data and delivers the insights you need to understand your audience, prioritize your strategy and reduce wasted marketing spend - the result is data-driven marketing that drives meaningful growth. Our Advanced Analytics for Marketing can fuel your marketing strategy in the following areas:



Intelligent Segmentation & Strategic Profiling

Unparalleled insights to help you identify your audience more effectively by uncovering the propensity to buy of your customers. We help narrow down your target universe and isolate high-value prospects based on their estimated financial outlook and demand for your products.

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Intelligent Prospecting & Sales Acceleration

With D&B's advanced analytics, you will be able to apply our rich firmographic data into your databases and gain exclusive access to sophisticated insights to keep your opportunities in sight. From uncovering your target customers' spending capacity, buying authority to global connections, we help you employ data-infused analytics to enhance your marketing customization, drive response rates and accelerate time to close easier than ever before. Our diverse analytic models are also designed to provide a clear understanding of your ideal prospects, so you can easily identify key up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and drive sales growth more efficiently.

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Risk Identification

Activate advanced analytics to uncover hidden risks in your business relationships. Dun & Bradstreet augments what you already know about your customers with comprehensive insights to identify risk and minimize churn. Through a combination of prescriptive and predictive analytics, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the customers most likely to fall by the wayside so you can be proactive versus reactive. Our analytic models can also help align customer service resources with the right opportunities and prioritize channel and territory assignments.

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