Uncover the Spending Capacity of your customers & prospects and make informed decisions

The D&B Buydex is a fact-based, data-driven model that classifies your customers and prospects based on their overall Spending Capacity. It refines your target market segmentation beyond traditional methods such as sales, employees and industry. We use D&B's proprietary trade data as a proxy for ascertaining spend amounts, both overall and at industry-specific levels, and leverages our other data assets to model spending capacity of businesses worldwide. Tested and proven, these actionable insights are easy to add to existing workflows to make an immediate impact on the quality of your business decisions - whether you're in marketing, risk or managing your supply chain. 



Uncover Spending Capacity of your customers at a global level

There are numerous practical applications where Buydex can help address your business needs. For instance, a leading global computer manufacturer leveraged the D&B IT Buydex in its market sizing, segmentation and marketing initiatives, effectively pinpointed higher value new business opportunities, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and aligned its marketing resources across Asia Pacific.

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Customize your Marketing Campaigns based on level of opportunity

Companies from diverse industries have relied on D&B Buydex and comprehensive data sources to add actionable insights in their marketing campaigns, effectively prioritizing their marketing efforts based on level of opportunity and communicating the right message to the right audience.

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Determine Growth Potential for your business

D&B Buydex provides actionable insight that help you sort through large volumes of accounts and advanced your knowledge of the marketplace beyond basic firmographic data, so you can easily evaluate levels of account penetration, pinpoint higher value new business opportunities and drive growth more effectively.

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