Add speed to due diligence without sacrificing quality

With access to the world’s largest commercial database with 330M+ business records from over 30,000 sources in 200+ countries, D&B Compliance Solutions reduce the time you need to validate businesses, PEPs, and hundreds of watch/sanctions lists, empowering you to perform faster customer verifications with trusted global data and insights.


Global Linkage Data and Beneficial Ownership

D&B Beneficial Ownership delivers the linkage data needed for insights into corporate entities and individuals so you can build transparency and reduce your regulatory burden. Our global database has an extensive coverage of 94M+ Beneficial Ownership data, collected from over 200+ countries and updated 5M times a day.

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D&B Direct+ API for Compliance

With D&B Direct+ API solutions, you can stream Dun & Bradstreet data and analytics directly into your enterprise applications and native workflows, giving your teams access to global data & insights with dependable quality and unrivaled consistency. Gain deep identity knowledge and the data you need to reduce regulatory burden, unlock compliance complexity and make informed compliance decisions quickly and easily.

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D&B Consolidated Assessment for Third-party Due Diligence

D&B Consolidated Assessment is tailored to enhance your due diligence framework with data and insights from the world’s largest commercial database. The assessment enables compliance teams to accelerate the identification and investigation of companies and individuals with a consolidated screening across watch/sanctions lists, PEP, adverse media, litigation and open-source research in one-stop; while also facilitates third-party risk assessments with 360-degree insights to ensure complete compliance with AML, CTF, sanctions and other global regulations.

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