Credit Data Dispute

If you think any of your credit data reported by the CCRA is inaccurate or incomplete, you are required to follow our standard procedure and file a dispute to get the data corrected. You are advised to contact us as soon as you receive the report and spot the discrepancy, as queries reported beyond 90 days of the report issue date may require a lengthier investigation process.


1. Download the Dispute Report Form.

2. Fill in the form to indicate involved lending institutions and what the correct data should be. If appropriate, documentary proofs can speed up the investigation process.

3. Email or fax the completed form with authorized signature (or your company stamp) and the documentary proofs to or 2960-4721 for verification.

4. Submit the completed original application form and the documentary proof to D&B.

5. With successful signature verification, the involved lending institutions will start the dispute process and a Dispute Indicator will be displayed in the CCRA report starting from the first day of notification until the final result is release.

6. The dispute handling must be completed within 30 business days.

Download CCRA Report Sample Guide


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