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D&B Hoovers is an indispensable #NEXTGEN Data & Intelligence online platform packed with insights. Delivered in a dynamic and intuitive interface, the platform enables modern Sales, Marketing and Research teams to gain access to Dun & Bradstreet's commercial database with over 330 million business records - from commercial and industry data, D&B proprietary analytics to exclusive commercial intelligence across the globe. In the sections below, you will find key updates of D&B Hoovers, understand how you can benefit from its unrivaled capabilities and other related resources. 

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Enabling Sales Acceleration in modern organizations

D&B Hoovers pre- and post-sale tools for modern sales teams

D&B Hoovers uses the world’s largest commercial database and sophisticated analytics to deliver a sales acceleration solution for modern organizations. It enables sales teams to quickly build pipeline by: 

  • Targeting more intelligently with dynamic search and comprehensive list-building capabilities - such as Conceptual Search®Business Signals and dynamically updated SmartLists®
  • Staying ahead of the competition with real-time trigger, alerts and updates tied to the businesses, social media and digital events
  • Uncovering more opportunities to sell with unrivaled functions such as the Corporate Family Tree tool 

Watch this video to find out how these powerful features can ensure you engage with the right prospects, target more efficiently and intelligently.

[Demo] Intuitive Search & Build a List function for Intelligent Targeting

D&B Hoovers changes the way you target by providing an intuitive search and build a list form that leverages deep B2B data and insights from Dun & Bradstreet, helping you intelligently identify the most relevant accounts for your business and get in the door faster. Watch this short demo to find out more.

[Demo] Personalized Desktop, Real-time Alerts and Notification Functions

D&B Hoovers can help you monitor developments at your accounts and stay informed of new opportunities with its personalized desktop, real-time alerts and notification options. Watch this short video to learn more.

Helping you Research and Deep-dive into companies across the globe

In-depth Company Profiles with Comprehensive Intelligence

D&B Hoovers is the most comprehensive source of data and intelligence that you can leverage to conduct research and understand companies across the globe. The platform provides in-depth company information such as news & annual reports, competitors, financial, industry analysis, corporate family tree, etc., so you can gain a comprehensive and unified view of the companies you need to understand. It can also empower your sales teams to gain deep account intelligence and be prepared for meaningful engagement with key prospects. 

D&B Hoovers also provides a unique perspective on company trends and behaviors such as new partnerships, legal issues, signs of Mergers & Acquisitions, etc. Watch this short video to learn more about its unique features including Business Signals, Ideal Profile Score, Downloadable OneStop Report and more.

Seamless Integration with your CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms

[Demo] D&B Hoovers - Salesforce Connector

Find out how D&B Hoovers can help increase sales productivity and effectiveness by providing accurate and actionable business information within your Salesforce CRM.

[Demo] D&B Hoovers - Eloqua Connector

Watch an overview of the D&B Hoovers Eloqua Connector - a powerful solution tailored to provide real-time data enrichment for Eloqua users, enabling them to accelerate the generation of richer, higher-quality leads for sales acceleration.

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