Developing a strategic supply chain management strategy

Leading supply chain teams have expanded their focus from preventing disruption to also protecting brand equity. Proactively and systematically identifying and assessing suppliers provides detailed supply chain information at all levels of their supply base. The use of advanced analytics on this information brings increased visibility and enables smarter, more strategic decisions.

D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager is an online tool tailored to help you effectively manage your supply chain risk by optimizing your supplier base, preventing business disruptions and protecting your brand. By integrating proprietary Dun & Bradstreet supplier intelligence with your data, you get a clear view of your supplier portfolio’s overall performance. Combined with comprehensive predictive analytics we empower you to measure your risk exposure and find ways to enhance your supply chain management strategy. 

D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager merges your payable data with D&B’s risk information to provide your portfolio with actionable insight, enabling you to uncover the total risk profile of your spending and pinpoint main areas of risk and opportunity at an early stage.


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  • Gain full visibility to supply chain and supplier group risk 
  • Mitigate financial and reputational risks from potential supply chain disruption and associated customer loss 
  • Identify negotiation leverage and manage supplier relations with aggregated or potential group spend 
  • Attain corporate compliance with more accurate reports on your spending, and determine if spread or consolidation is necessary to meet key procurement objectives