Proactively monitor customer portfolios and reduce bad debt exposure

Staying alert to changes in a customer's status is the only way of ensuring that you can quickly identify and collect aggressively from high-risk accounts. D&B’s Ongoing Monitoring & Alert service helps you manage your customer portfolio more consistently for maximum bottom-line profitability. These services can be combined to optimize risk management and ensure a peace of mind, depending on your risk tolerance and need for customization.  

Enhanced Score Monitoring 

Evaluate the shift in risk levels of an entire account – A review of changes in score, court and collection information in a portfolio of accounts from one period to the next enables you to better manage risk, while identifying opportunities. 

D&B Report Alert 

Combining credit investigation and daily monitoring, this automated monitoring service ensures you receive early warning signals on any changes of your customers' risk levels.


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Key Features:

  • Gain an initial understanding of risks associated with your portfolio
  • Monitor changes on risk levels over time
  • Benchmark information to identify higher-risk accounts and determine which customers need to be tracked more closely
  • Prioritize direct collection efforts