Data & insights delivered in real-time into your systems and workflows.

Dun & Bradstreet #NEXTGEN Solutions are designed to give you the business data and information you need, instantly. Through combining the power of data and technology, we help organizations - large and small - leverage modern techniques in data & analytics to enhance competitiveness and drive meaningful growth in the next generation.



Experience the power of #NEXTGEN Data Intelligence

In the age of growing global interconnectivity, business relationships have become more hyper-networked and digitally enabled than ever before. Dun & Bradstreet Next Generation Solutions activate data and innovation across industries and geographies, empowering businesses to drive meaningful growth through relationships and sustain competitive advantage.

The Next Generation of Data Intelligence: Data-as-a-Service 

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) is the key to unlocking growth for the next generation enterprise. Dun & Bradstreet DaaS Solutions provides the data and insights you need to make critical, real-time business decisions - empowering your organization to tackle complex data challenges and gear up for success in the next generation.

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D&B Credit

Introducing D&B Credit - the world's leading risk management solution that helps companies of all sizes manage credit risk, monitor their accounts portfolio and grow their business.

The New D&B Hoovers

With enhanced data and analytical capabilities, the new D&B Hoovers is an indispensable Data & Intelligence platform for modern organizations. Fueled with data and analytics from the world's largest commercial database, the platform is an unrivaled next-generation business intelligence solution packed with insights.

D&B Direct+ API

With D&B Direct+ API solutions, you can stream Dun & Bradstreet data and analytics directly into your enterprise applications and native workflows, giving your teams access to global data & insights with dependable quality and unrivaled consistency.