Investing and trading overseas, while offering profitable routes to growth, can be risky – especially as accessing reliable business data is more difficult in some countries than others.

As the world’s leading source of global business insight and information, D&B can enable you to easily assess the risks of trading overseas and make business decisions confidently. With access to the world’s largest commercial database and D&B Worldwide Network (WWN) – an unrivalled alliance of D&B and leading business information providers across the globe, D&B delivers timely, accurate and reliable international credit checks on more than 330 million companies in over 200+ countries worldwide.

D&B International Report's comprehensive coverage of international markets gives you instant access to global risk management information, consistent insight and risk assessments enabling accurate benchmarking and predictive analytics on commercial businesses. We monitor a wide range of companies on a daily basis to ensure our insight remains current and are readily available via multiple access methods to suit your particular needs.


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  • Assess risks on your international customers, particular when the dollar value or impact of the decision is significant to your business
  • Improve cash flow by identifying the companies that have slow payment experiences or may be undergoing financial stress using our exclusive predictive scores to project future viability
  • Get deeper insight into how your customers are likely to perform in the coming months
  • Compare a company to others in the same industry locally
  • Use Business Ratios to help make sure a company has enough assets to pay you