Benchmark your business against your industry peers and stay ahead of the competition

Our Industry Benchmarking Report delivers a comprehensive review of the key characteristics of an industry, based on analysis of D&B’s proprietary information such as finance, payment behavior and credit rating. With these relevant business intelligence, you can easily target customers, deepen penetration and improve your business relationships. 

 Key Applications: 

- Within a credit analysis framework, the report provides an invaluable perspective and context for lending institutions 

- When evaluating a client or prospective client, you will have the tools to make comparisons within an industry, providing a performance frame of reference or benchmark 

- Identify the performance of an industry relative to the overall economic environment, providing an immediate perspective, whether it is positive, negative or moderate


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  • Understand industry profile
  • Benchmark financial performance against the industry norm
  • Gain insight into industry payment patterns and credit terms
  • Evaluate overall industry risk level
  • Assess the strength of your market positioning