Knowing a customer’s payment behavior and trends

Payment information offers a highly-predictive data set and is a critical element in managing credit risk. The Hong Kong Payment Report provides key payment performance findings on major industries, explores industry trends and analyzes key performance data on more than 1M+ payment records in D&B's database.  

This quarterly report investigates payment trend of local business in various industries, so as to uncover its impacts on your company. You can quickly form an impression of the way companies in the same industry go about paying their bills. Historical payment information can help your organization assess risk and evaluate whether extending credit is a good decision or not.


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  • Understand trends and practices of Hong Kong companies on handling payment
  • Compare themselves against others within the same industry
  • Learn from the past and understand the correlation between payment behavior and business environment
  • Minimize risk and be able to make informed decisions when devising their credit strategy