D&B’s DunTrade Program is an exclusive membership platform that offers a means to share and access global payment information online. Businesses from a broad range of industries participate in the program and benefit from convenient access to consistent, accurate and up-to-date payment information collected and verified by Dun & Bradstreet, the world's most trusted source of commercial information. We currently have an extensive network of trade partners across Asia Pacific and up-to-date payment records of 80,000+ companies in Hong Kong.

Contact us to inquire about joining the program today:

D&B Hong Kong - DunTrade 

T: (852) 2235-3636
E: Duntrade_enquiry.hk@dnb.com

Value of joining the DunTrade Program:

  • Free of charge 
  • Gain access to a 24-hour online search tool for retrieving instant payment information across Asia 
  • Receive early warning signals on customers that may pose a risk
  • Improve DSO and cash flow 
  • Provide your business with the visibility to monitor your customer's payment transactions and set credit terms more flexibly
  • See how customers are paying you and other suppliers to spot potential collection problems and new sales opportunities
  • Get informed on the way your customers pay you in comparison with other suppliers

Why is payment data so important?

  • 80% of failed businesses exhibit delayed or fluctuating payment habits
  • Representing up-to-date payment habits
  • Significantly increases predictability