Credit Risk Management with D&B Reports and Monitoring

Powered by D&B's unrivalled data and business insights, D&B offers best-in-class credit solutions that enable you to accurately assess a company's risk profile, profitability, financial stability and payment performance.

Hong Kong Enhanced Report

Recognized as a reliable industry standard for evaluating credit relationships, the D&B Hong Kong Enhanced Report provides comprehensive business & credit information of companies in Hong Kong and reliable indicators that you can trust in evaluating your new and existing credit relationships.

Corporate Resume

Supported by D&B Data and Analytics, Corporate Resume serves as a comprehensive profile of your company, presenting critical information that businesses use to evaluate your company. We can also help you identify ways to improve your D&B profile and attract new customers.

International Report

Powered by the world's largest commercial database, D&B provides accurate, up-to-date and reliable business information and insights that help you easily assess the risks of trading overseas and make business decisions confidently.

Ongoing Monitoring & Alert

Risk notifications highlighting any changes in your customers’ financial condition or operational status.

Entities Assessment Report

Taking advantage from D&B's commercial database, the D&B Entities Assessment Report provides greater insight into a company's legal entities by reviewing relevant performance, which enables you to identify credit risk and bad debt at an early stage.