Enhancing your Due Diligence and Verification processes with the right data and insights, on a global scale

Regulations that increase in complexity, and that vary from country to country, are placing a heavy burden on you, your customers and suppliers. Only through data and insights on a global scale can you reduce complexity and accelerate decision making by understanding in deep detail the companies you want to do business and partner with – or avoid. D&B offers enhanced compliance data and comprehensive screening solutions that ensure your company is compliant and help streamline your compliance workflow.



Anti-Money Laundering & Know Your Customers

To reduce the risk of your organization being used for money laundering activities, you must identify the legal entity and beneficial owners you do business with. Our AML & KYC solution accelerates your due diligence and screening processes leveraging insights from the world's largest commercial database of over 265M+ business records.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

In today's global economy, businesses and their supply chains are increasingly subject to corruption, theft and fraud. Minimize these risks by assessing your partners & suppliers with the aid of D&B's unrivalled data and insights on more than 265M+ companies globally.