D&B Visitor Intelligence
Focus on the visitor, not the visit. D&B Visitor Intelligence helps B2B marketers unmask and profile anonymous web visitors, delivering real-time personalization to enhance website engagement and turn unknown visitors into leads.

D&B Visitor Intelligence
Real-time Web Analytics

Unmask the companies and personas visiting your site. By matching to a DUNS® Number, you’ll be able to see their revenue, employee count, industry code, and more.

D&B Visitor Intelligence

Visitors expect great customer experiences. By identifying your anonymous visitors, you’ll be able to optimize your site experience for the identified audience.

D&B Visitor Intelligence
Lead Generation

Improve lead conversion by prefilling web forms with company name, address, zip, and more.

We always assumed people coming to our site were appropriate to our brand. D&B Visitor Intelligence has helped identify whether we are attracting the right people to the site and understand whether we can monetize them.

–VP Integrated Marketing Services, SourceMedia

D&B Visitor IntelligenceD&B Visitor Intelligence

D&B Visitor Intelligence provides you with the percentage of web visitors matched to the 40+ business and persona attributes. Here’s an example of what you’ll see:

D&B Visitor Intelligence

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