Easier and Faster Access to Insights

The amount, speed, and types of data created in today’s world can be overwhelming and cause chaos. With D&B Connect, you can instantly benchmark and enrich your data against the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud to help ensure your systems of record have trusted data to fuel growth.

Visualize and Assess Data Health

Get quick intelligence on data health such as gaps, discrepancies, and duplicates

Enrich Data With New Insights

Access an unparalleled 2,500 insights and create custom layouts to append to your data

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Discover D&B Connect

Unlock your doorway to growth and take control of your data, using it to guide intelligent actions to help your business grow and thrive. D&B Connect puts the power of data management in your hands.

Visualize and Assess Data Health

  • Reveal anomalies in your customer data against a trusted source with a best-in-class identity resolution engine to help ensure match accuracy
  • Create and save match rules such as match quality thresholds based on D&B Confidence Code, Match Grade String, and the number of match candidates you want returned
  • Reduce time and resources spent on manual file preparation tasks with an integrated machine learning engine that normalizes input records

Enrich Your Data With More Insights

  • Enrich your data with an ever-growing set of 2,500 insights, ensuring you have the most complete view of your customers
  • Create custom data layouts, so you’ll see the insights that are most relevant to your data management projects

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