Back Any Business Decision with Analytics
D&B Analytics Studio is a cloud-based platform that flexes to meet your needs. In a secure partition of the platform, you can combine your own data sources with Dun & Bradstreet data or alternative data sources. Built-in advanced analytics then enable you to conduct deep analysis using predefined functions or your own code.
Keep Pace with the Market​

Readily access the quantity, quality, granularity and freshness of data you need to take on the market, no matter how fast it shifts

Identify the Right Direction to Take

Build and conduct robust modeling to identify the right direction to take, even when trends change

Experiment and Evolve Your Strategy​

Play in a safe place where you can make and break things so you can advance your company’s analytical strategy to the next level

Lots of Connected Data

Be it depth and breadth of business insights or recency of business signals, Analytics Studio gives you access to it all. Bring your own data, use 10 years of historical D&B data that's updated regularly or use one of our partners, all connected by our live business identity: the D-U-N-S Number.

Analysis Your Way

Each organization, team and individual are at a different point of their analytical journey. Analytics Studio helps you no matter where you are: quick start options get you started on day one, robust modeling tools help you advance and if you're already coding – use what you like: Python, R or SQL.

Safe Space to Play

Your work in an evolving space. Data and analytics is not a new idea, but how it’s done changes frequently. Not a problem when you use Analytics Studio: we've built your sandbox with all the toys in a SOC 2 compliant, ISO certified space. Or simply put, it's really secure.

Built for the Data People

For Data Scientists
Quickly explore data with point-and-click visualizations or in the language of your choice, collaborate, and share insights with stakeholders via live interactive dashboards.
For ML Engineers
Collaboratively build and manage models from experimentation to production, deploy for batch or real-time inference at scale, and monitor production workloads.
For Data Engineers
Build Robust data pipelines, automate and monitor production jobs using Scala, Java and built-in notebooks and APIs.