Request a Free SME CCRA Report

SMEs in Hong Kong are eligible to request a Free SME CCRA Report when their credit application is refused by a lending institution. To submit your request, follow our established procedures with just a few simple steps - we will have your CCRA Report available in three business days.

Required Documentary Proofs of Identity and Refusal: 

  • A copy Refusal Letter issued by the lending institution within one month with applicant's company stamp and authorized signature 
  • A copy of Business Registration Certificate

Services and fees:

  • English Self-Request CCRA Report (Free-of-charge)
  • Chinese Self-Request CCRA Report (Free-of-charge)
  • Administrative Fee (HK$30 per report)


  • A crossed cheque printed with company name made payable to Dun & Bradstreet (HK) Ltd.


1. Download the CCRA Free Report Request Form.

2. Fill in the form and select the services you need. 

3. Email or fax the completed form with authorized signature and your company stamp along with the documentary proofs to or 2960-4721.

4. Submit the completed original application form, the documentary proofs and the cheque to Dun & Bradstreet.


Download CCRA Report Sample Guide


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