Court Data Update

Claims identified in the CCRA report may have been paid, withdrawn, discontinued, settled, or resulted in judgment for, or against, the search subject. Orders may have been set aside prior to the date the report was printed. 

A status update on court data details stretching back two years from the report date, including commercial and general writs filed in the High Court or District Court, wind-up petitions, bankruptcy, compulsory and voluntary liquidation orders as filed in government gazettes and claims as filed in the Small Claims Tribunal or Labour Tribunal, can be obtained by contacting D&B.


1. Download Court Data Update Request Form.

2. Fill in the form to indicate stamp and indicate court case number.

3. Email or fax the completed form with authorized signature (or your company stamp) and the documentary proofs to or 2960-4721. Provide original or certified true copies of the documentary proofs issued by the court (Be reminded to seek the plaintiff’s consent before supplying commercially-confidential documents).

4. Submit the completed original application form and the documentary proof to D&B.

5. The court update will be resolved in three business days.


Download CCRA Report Sample Guide


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