Request a SME CCRA Report

You may gain access to your company’s CCRA report at D&B from time to time through just a few simple steps. Your CCRA report will be made available in three business days (subject to the result of signature verification). 

 A value-added service, Monitoring Subscription Service, is provided to keep you informed through an email alert when there is a change in your CCRA report, including past due, write-off, court data, revocation-of-consent data. You can join this service by checking the subscription box when ordering your CCRA report.

Services and fees:

  • English Self-Request CCRA Report (HK$370) 
  • Chinese Self-Request CCRA Report (HK$370) 
  • Optional Courier fee (HK$30 per delivery) 
  • Monitoring Subscription Service (HK$150 per year)


  • A crossed cheque printed with company name made payable to Dun & Bradstreet (HK) Ltd.


1. Download Self-Request and Monitoring Subscription Form.

2. Complete the form, select the services you need, sign it with authorization and/or stamp it with the company chop.

3. Email the completed and duly signed form to for signature verification by your nominated banker.

4. Arrange the payment as instructed in the application form. The bank account Details will be given upon the successful signature verification.


Download CCRA Report Sample Guide


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