Enhanced clarity and actionable insight on your portfolio

D&B Portfolio Manager is an online tool tailored to help you strategically and effectively manage your account receivables data. By combining proprietary Dun & Bradstreet intelligence with your own data, you get a clear view of your portfolio’s overall performance, combined with D&B’s comprehensive, advanced predictive analytics we empower you to measure your risk exposure and find ways to enhance your customer portfolio management strategy.


D&B Portfolio Manager merges your receivables data with D&B’s risk information to provide your portfolio with actionable insight, enabling you to better understand payment performance across your customer portfolio, and pinpoint main areas of risk and opportunity at an early stage. All these leads to better utilization of your credit management resources and a more strategic approach in establishing credit policies for varying sets of circumstances. 

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  • Improve customer and risk intelligence by aggregated debt for total credit risk management
  • Improve cash flow by more effective bad debt control and shortened daily sales outstanding
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities and drive additional revenue from existing data
  • Attain corporate governance and operational efficiency with proportionate risk mitigation actions