Deeper understanding on business partners enabling well-informed decision-making

Hong Kong Enhanced Report is one of the most trusted sources of business information, and has been designed to help determine a company’s profitability, financial stability and payment performance. This documentation can be classed as an industry standard, providing the most reliable indicators available for evaluating new and existing credit relationships.

Companies can use this report to:

  • Verify a business’s existence and form an understanding of its size, purpose and operation  
  • Evaluate current risk profile, using the most predictive range of scores and ratings available 
  • Understand financial performance via filed accounts data
  • Spot company payment patterns and financial trends 
  • Understand parent and subsidiary linkages


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  • Avoid payment defaults by assessing a company’s payment patterns and financial trends before doing business
  • Evaluate the risk profile of companies with D&B’s predictive scores and financial ratings
  • Identify new revenue opportunities through predicting the future performance and parent & subsidiary linkages of companies you do business/ plan to do business with
  • Reduce overall bad debt exposure and maintain a healthy cash flow