Comprehensive country intelligence for evaluating risks & opportunities across the globe

D&B Country Insight Report is a one-stop country intelligence solution that delivers detailed, commercially relevant information and business insights from 132 countries, allowing you to confidently evaluate risks & opportunities at a global level. Our Country Insight Reports provide you with the trusted insight you need to decide if operating in a specific nation is a good fit for your business.  

Whether you are involved in strategic investment decision making, financial risk analysis or supply chain management, understanding the changing commercial environment is crucial for effective risk mitigation and strategic decision-making.  D&B Country Insight Reports simplify this process by providing a one-stop solution with insights on a single market and highlights of the current global and regional developments in relation to the country, giving you a comprehensive background to the situation. 

D&B Country Risk Insights along the Belt & Road


The D&B Country Risk team of analysts and economists regularly monitor changes in the business environment and forecast country-wide developments on the 100+ Belt & Road economies. Download our latest Country Risk Worldwatch and sample Country Insight Snapshot Report to find out more:


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  • One-stop country intelligence solution for 132 countries
  • Detailed insights on risk & opportunities at a global, regional and country level
  • In-depth analysis on short-term and long-term economic outlook, risk levels such as transfer risk, FX risks, insecurity/ civil disorder, etc.
  • Commercially relevant and decision-ready recommendations & perspectives
  • D&B quality data, expertise and analysis combined into insights that you can trust