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Compliance leaders today are challenged to meet evolving regulations while keeping a strategic eye on growth opportunities and moving at the speed of business. Formed by a group of industry experts, our consultant team is here to help you address your organization-wide needs in compliance and ESG.

Compliance, Risk and Regulation

A 360◦ review on your compliance procedure. Taking your compliance program to the next level. Don’t let your third-party relationships put you at risk.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Your ESG consulting service walks you through the whole process from framework design, implementation to reporting and verification.

Mitigate the Risk of Third-Party Relationships

Accelerating your third-party risk management program isn’t just about focusing on one type of relationship. A comprehensive program means you are focused on your suppliers, vendors, non-vendors and outsourcers while maintaining an accelerated approach to data, risk management and onboarding.

From ensuring your vendor master is current and accurate to screening for the most complex regulations, the best practice is one that leverages data and insights to accelerate an agile, risk-centric approach allowing your business to start working with third parties as soon as possible.

Our consultants are here to advise you from designing the process, building up your team to IT development and digital transformation.

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Digitalize and Automate your compliance program with an intuitive compliance intelligence

Accelerate Due Diligence with trusted and industry-leading data and analytics

Identify Risk and Opportunities from your business partners to power business performance

Cultivate Compliance Sense to your staff and minimize human errors to protect your company

Integrating ESG Into Supplier Relations, Due Diligence, and Non-Financial Reporting

The demand for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) accountability is growing. Consumers demand more than ever to do business with sustainable and ethical companies. Holding suppliers to environmental sustainability, financial integrity, and worker well-being standards is one component of a responsible sourcing program.

Further, greater attention placed on ESG concerns has led to the rise of non-financial reporting, but it has been described as “complex and overwhelming” as it has evolved rapidly and unevenly in the last several years, with regulations, reporting, processes, and tools varying greatly by geographic area.

To address today’s increasingly complex environment, our ESG consulting service provides you solutions including framework design, implementation to reporting and verification.

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Review and Advise on your company’s overall strategy for sustainable growth and development

Digitalize your ESG management system and fuel with industry-leading ESG data and analytics

Adhere to Latest ESG Requirements. Showcase in front of your customers and investors to build brand reputation and drive business growth

Incorporate ESG Concept across your company and business partners

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Perspectives adheres to the same high standards of accuracy that have made Dun & Bradstreet a trusted name in business for over a century. Read the latest thought leadership, best practices, and in-depth insights from us. Stay informed about the hottest trends in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as our experts introduce you to cutting-edge ideas that are impacting companies across diverse industries.


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