Growth is the lifeblood of every organization. And while everyone is pointing to data as a conduit for growth, the modern-day explosion in data and insight has presented new challenges for businesses across all industries. At Dun & Bradstreet we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality data available. 

For more than 175 years, we’ve been passionate about what the power of data can do to help businesses grow. To illuminate your path to meaningful business growth, you need the insight, direction and confidence that only comes with clean, actionable data – that’s where we can help.

D&B WorldBase is the most comprehensive global database of business information available. By collecting and integrating commercial information from over 30,000 disparate data sources from 200+ countries and putting it through our rigorous DUNSRightTM data quality process, we ensure only the most reliable and locally-relevant data and insights are delivered to you - in a single file output with standardized, consistent and easily-consumable format. 


D&B WorldBase Data Showcase (partial list as at July 2017):
China: 9,522,707+ Active Records
India: 8,617,901+ Active Records
Japan: 4,480,852+ Active Records
Vietnam: 1,207,121+ Active Records
Republic of Korea: 2,812,922+ Active Records
Belt & Road Economies: 73,382,006+ DUNS Numbered Records



Comprehensive Corporate Linkage Data

D&B Corporate Linkage reflects hierarchical relationships between entities or sites within a corporate family – these information can help you easily identify parent-subsidiary relationships, so you can gain comprehensive visibility into global B2B relationships and establish new ways of identifying opportunities for risk mitigation and growth.

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Cleanse & Enrich Legacy Databases

Our customers have relied on D&B WorldBase to find their most valuable customers and prospects with precision – by providing right and accurate data in every step of the customer journey, we help our customers enhance personalization, drive customer engagement and accelerate pipeline growth with comprehensive business intelligence.

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Implement Analytics to Mine Actionable Insights

For analytics to effectively impact your business, you need to begin by asking the right questions and having the right data. Dun & Bradstreet has compiled the most comprehensive and accurate repository of business data in the world – to help supplement your existing information so you will be ready to develop a more informed understanding of your business relationships through analytics and technology.

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