The control you want, and flexibility you need

Powered by the world’s most robust commercial intelligence database, D&B Risk Assessment Manager (RAM) delivers operational efficiency to help drive growth through data integration – increasing the consistency, collaboration and visibility your finance organization needs to manage credit and maximize working capital. 

Risk Assessment Manager (RAM) is a revolutionary desktop decision-support software that supplements what you already know about your customers – from your own payment records and experience – with high-quality D&B information on risk scoring, payment and financial information, demographics, corporate family relationships and more.  

All this information is passed through a series of decision-support models you customize, based on your company’s credit rules. The application then automatically assigns a customized risk score, a dollar-specific credit limit and a credit recommendation for each new or active account.


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  • Generate your own custom scores by combining your data and ours
  • Manage your entire account portfolio with one view of the truth using customer file centralization
  • Automate decision-making and account reviews based on your company-wide policy
  • Segment customers into credit risk classifications and pre-approved prospects, using consistent criteria
  • Turn data into intelligence to find new revenue by generating customer profiles to create better targeting strategies