Knowing your customers is the first step of building valuable relationships

Compliance with regulations today is more complex than ever – and therefore harder than ever to manage. Information on businesses and principals is dispersed across multiple sources. Manually finding and consolidating this information slows down your research and leads to error. D&B AML & KYC Solutions eliminates these challenges by providing deep insights, allowing you to research easily and make decisions confidently.

How It Works: Minimize Financial, Legal and Reputational Risk Exposure 

Before building relationship with a new customer, supplier or partner, you need to be sure that they don't pose a compliance threat. You must demonstrate you've done your due diligence in assessing their compliance risk prior to engaging them. This means researching the business and its principals to find out if they are on any sanction or watch lists, have questionable associations, or are the subjects of negative publicity. You want to make intelligent decisions concerning these potentially risky relationships in order to avoid tarnishing your brand. 

D&B Onboard Screening helps you decide which relationships should be embraced and identify which ones are to be avoided. The best way to ensure a business is who they say they are is to validate against a trusted third party data source - Dun & Bradstreet's global database provides deep identity insights on more than 265 million businesses and is relied on by nearly 90% of the Fortune 500 companies as well as the US Government. 

D&B Onboard Screening offers robust firmographics and corporate linkage content, it checks against OFAC and other compliance sources so that you can verify a business and determine if it is accurately representing itself.


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  • Entity Verification - Leveraging the world's largest commercial database with 265M+ records from across 200 countries 
  • Corporate Linkage - Providing a complete picture of a business’s family tree 
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner & Principal Identification 
  • Watchlist Screening 
  • PEP Identification 
  • Adverse Media & Corporate Litigation