Dun & Bradstreet is looking for Mystery Shoppers who are detail-minded and passionate about contributing their efforts into improving the service level of the industry. 

Being a D&B Mystery Shopper, you will participate in all kinds of service benchmarking projects that D&B customizes for businesses in different service sectors. Your observations and advice will be crucial for businesses to evaluate and measure their performance in providing appropriate customer service, so as to understand what they are doing well, and more importantly, what they may not have performed up to standard. 

As the world's most trusted global commercial data provider for over 175 years, Dun & Bradstreet is committed to providing intelligent insights and helping our customers accelerate business growth. Join us today as a Mystery Shopper* to help us actualize our mission and make Hong Kong's service industry an even better one.




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*We currently accept applications as vendor service providers for Dun & Bradstreet.